Nose Clip Apnea Academy

A brand new nose clip Apnea Academy. It combines the best features of all previous nose clips on the market at an affordable price.
The nose clip Apnea Academy is not only suitable for static apnea, for dynamic apnea, or simply for swimming, but also for the depth disciplines.
Holds perfectly, is mechanically very resistant, is small in size, has hydrodynamic shape, and is very comfortable.
We have it in few colours (black, blue and yelow) and colour combinations ...
The NC is packed in a nice plastic box.


T-shirt Apnea Academy

Cotton shirt with short sleeves in different colors



T-shirt Apnea Academy with long sleeves

Cotton shirt with long sleeves in different colors



Buoys for deep training

Buoys designed specially for freediving. Large one has diameter 68 cm and the small one 58 cm.



Floating Rope

Nice floating static and very light rope PPV 10 a 12mm. 



Weight belt for the bottom plate

When travelling with freedving buoys, it is usually much simpler using weights borrowed at a local diving center, than travelling with special weights (such as the round ones for weight lifting). Using a standard weight belt is possbile but not very practical, and the risk of dropping it accidentally is relatively hight. This belt was specially designe for attaching weights to the bottom of the descend line, and makes adding/removing weight and attaching the ballast to the buoy very simple and quick. Shipped without weights!


Bag for long fins 

Compact yet spacious backpack made ​​of high quality materials



Monofin Bag

Spacious backpack for monofins made ​​of high quality materials.




The new edition of Umberto Pelizzari´s "Deeply", and the first time it has been published in English.


Breathing Techniques for Freediving

By Federico Mana



Equalization for Freediving

By Federico Mana