About Apnea Academy




What does the Apnea Academy want to achieve? How does it intend to accomplish it? The answer to the first question should by now be familiar: to communicate an intelligent, safe and enjoyable practice of apnea. The second question requires more analysis, and this analysis should be conducted and internalised by each instructor.

If Apnea Academy students can acquire good health and wellbeing from the courses then apnea is a means of improving quality of life - this is their objective. Our objective, which in marketing is called a mission , is to help them to achieve this goal.

From this mission arises the necessity for a structure that can develop persons capable of teaching others according to the Apnea Academy method. Thus the strategic objective , as stated in the AA logo, is to create a school for the instruction and research of subaquatic apnea. The research of apnea, through advances in technology and teaching methods, is a means of assisting and improving the quality of the instruction.

The more that people benefit and are satisfied by the AA method then the more other people will search out the Apnea Academy. There will be a need for more instructors in more locations. Our vision is to diffuse the AA teaching method in this way throughout the world.

Thus far the Apnea Academy has been based solely on human resources, and has grown so quickly that it has inevitably acquired a certain amount of resentment from other freediving teaching organisations. The pressure received from other organisations to collaborate with them has been persistent, but the choice of an unequivocal political strategy allows for a clear path ahead. There are two definite political policies; maintain total organisational autonomy with respect to any other teaching federation or organisation and collaborate with other entities, associations and federations to develop competitive activity and to preserve the environment.

After having identified what we want to achieve we must decide upon a suitable strategy for the realization of that goal. Strategies will help us to define how the school will function. We cannot overemphasise the importance of human resources (instructors), and thus technical updates, seminars and workshops will be invaluable to the uniform growth of the Apnea Academy. The coordination of a secretary, printing office and work groups are important strategic steps aimed at supplying all instructors with an even base of services to aid in marketing and attraction of students.


A global teaching organisation for underwater apnea.


To teach the practice of apnea and wellbeing or: awareness, safety and enjoyment in underwater apnea.


Create a school for the Instruction and Research of Subaquatic Apnea


Maintain total organisational autonomy with respect to any other didactic federation or organisation.

Collaborate with other entities, associations and federations to develop competitive activity and to preserve the environment.


Development and evaluation of individuals that make part of the organisation, by way of

- secretary

- printing office

- research and development groups

- mental training and apnea

Cultural exchanges based on the genuine sharing of values.


1. Conduct Apnea Academy courses throughout the world

2. Organise an AA Instructors course every year, alternating between Italian and English courses

3. Update the instructors on the evolution of apnea

4. Organise courses of Mental Training for both instructors and students

5. Identify zones that produce a large number of instructors and area managers
    and develop them into reference points for instructors

6. Produce quality teaching aids for instructors and students

7. Conduct scientific research on subaquatic apnea

8. Promote and sustain competitive activity